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About Us

More than 25 years ago David Lindsey set out to provide affordable healthcare solutions for the under-insured. When he purchased Agentra in 2015 he made a commitment to creating products that cater to every walk of life. Agentra's selection of fundamental products, ground breaking sales tools, and online enrollment capabilities set us apart from all other competitors.

Healthcare Solutions

Since 2005 Agentra has been providing quality, affordable benefits to self-employed professionals and independent contractors; business groups; and association groups. With more than 100,000 active policies in place, Agentra has been able to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding client base through strategic partnerships with top rated insurance carriers and benefit providers that have created exclusive proprietary products and benefit plans designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Agentra is committed to providing quality, affordable benefits to our self-employed and group clients. We excel as an organization and as individuals by being consumer focused and helping others achieve their goals. We believe there's no substitute for a strong honest work ethic, and also think there's nothing wrong with having some fun now and again!

We'll never go wrong by treating our customers the way they expect to be treated: respectfully, fairly and right.